Nightlife in Lima

So you’ve done it at last, made it to Lima like you always swore you would and the enviable task of sampling all this great city has to offer is upon you. Once you’ve done the Musee Larco and immersed yourself in the Miraflores experience it’s time to see what the city has to offer at night. Definitely the stunning fountain display at Parque de le Reserva should be on everyone’s list so why not use that as a starting point for a night out in one of South America’s most vibrant party towns.

Party like A King

lima13Lima isn’t known as the City of Kings for no reason, with its world class bars and clubs, inexpensive drinks, and frankly stunning locals, you might well feel like royalty when heading out for the evening. Most places get going around nine or ten pm and you can easily stay out until the next morning.

If Miraflores by day took your fancy, then get back there at night when the atmosphere changes to one of relaxed partying. Try starting your night off in one of the many relaxed and stylish café bars in Calle de las Pizzas, near Parque Kennedy. From there it’s only a short hop to the Salsa clubs or video bars for a more upbeat experience.

Big Night, Big Beats

lima14Once you’ve started to get your groove on in the salsa bars, you’ll probably feel the urge to dance, and nobody loves to dance more than Limeans. Without leaving Miraflores you can easily find your kind of beats to bop the night away at the Gothica or Aura nightclubs. These places are enormous and cater for just about everyone’s musical taste. Their ocean-facing terraces will take your breath away, if you haven’t already lost it from the dancing.

Take a Trip

lima15If big beats aren’t your scene then move on to the Barranco area to find La Noche. This classy joint features local musicians and is one for the Boho, intellectual crowd. In summer, getting out of Lima to Asia beaches will find you a night out to remember in Café del Mar or Boulevard. Totally worth the overnight stay.

Top Tips: Lima

  • Dress well. Limeans are classy dressers, you won’t get admitted anywhere in your natty flip-flops.
  • Stay away from downtown Lima. Stick to the well-policed tourist areas like Miraflores.
  • Drink what the locals drink. It’s much cheaper and an essential part of the travel experience.
  • Pace yourself. You can literally party all night in Lima so take your time, there’s too much to miss by having to crash out early.