Top Tourist Attractions In Lima

There are several tourist attractions in Lima, Peru. If you plan on visiting this great city soon, you have a lot of options before you when it comes to your itinerary.

Also known as the City of King, Lima is the capital and also the biggest city in Peru. It is home to 10 million people – making it the most populous city in the country. Lima is located right in the valleys of 3 rivers, Lurin, Chillon, and Rimac. This beautiful city overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is a major part of the Lima Metropolitan Area together with Callao.

Why visit Lima, Peru

There are many reasons why you should visit Lima, Peru. Looking into the reasons why the city is special will help you choose among the main tourist attractions in Lima.

First of all, the city can give you a great food adventure. Travellers view Lima as the unofficial food capital in South America. There are world-renowned chefs and restaurants that you can choose from and get the best food experience of your life. If there is one Peruvian food that you need to try, it is definitely the ceviche. This was invented by the Peruvians in general but the perfection came from Lima.

And if you love a great nightlife, this is one of the great things about Lima too. The Peruvian nightlife is thriving in this city. While the bars are found anywhere in the city, it is concentrated in the historic centre. Going to the Pizza Street should give you a lot of options.

Surfing is another reason to go to Lima. This city has some of the best waves in the world. You just have to go to Punta Roquitas or Playa Wakiki – short and longboarders will really find the right waves that will give them a great ride.

Of course, the architecture in Lima is another reason to visit. There are many tourist attractions in Lima that showcase the colonial-style and the history of South America. From the Plaza de Armas to the Palacio Arzobispal, you will really love the unique Peruvian architecture.

Top tourist attractions to visit in Lima

Here are some of the best tourist attractions that you can visit in Lima.

Plaza de Armas

This is the broad square that is considered as the historical centre of the city. The truth is, most people make this their starting point when they decide to explore the city. In this square, you will find the original bronze fountain in the centre, the cathedral, Archbishop’s Palace, Casa del Oidor, and the Palacio del Gobierno.

Convento de San Francisco

Another tourist attraction that you should visit is the San Francisco church and monastery. This place is famous for the 10,000 people interred in their catacombs. This is the very first cemetery in Lima and tourists have flocked to explore the maze of narrow hallways that make up this place. You also have the library and collection of religious art in the upper levels.


This is a neighborhood in Lima that is made famous by the modern glass and steel buildings that stand with old colonial homes and a lot of greenery. The combination and the fact that it is situated on a cliff overlooking the ocean just adds to the beauty of the place. Miraflores also has shops and restaurants that will give you a great taste and experience of Peru. This is also where you will find Museo Amano.

These are only some of the best tourist attractions in Lima. There are others like museums, parks, and historical sites that you can also visit.